Repros, Retros, Vintage & Collectables.

Repros, Retros, Vintage & Collectables.


Unique Collectables.

Royal Mint 1977 Elizabeth II .925 Sterling Silver Jubliee Crown.

  Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II   proof crown from the Royal Mint. Crafted in 1977, this commemorative coin boasts a fineness of 0.925 ( 28 grams Sterling silver) and is still in pristine condition, having never been taken out of its mint box or capsule. Made in Great Britain, this piece is sure to be a prized addition to any coin collector's collection.

🔹 Price: £24.99 + £6.16 Postage.

Hallmarked Sterling Silver letter opener.

Silver envelope opener. Hallmarked Birmingham, 2001. 16.8 grams or roughly 1/2 Oz. Comes in a faux leather, felt lined presentation box with original product tag. Like new.

🔹 Price: £19.99 + £3.08 Postage.

Victorian, hallmarked silver jubilee brooch - circa 1897.

Silver Queen Victoria jubilee brooch. Hallmarked 1897, Birmingham. 6.5 grams Sterling silver. Niche silver collectors item. Comes with an antique jewelry display box, as shown above.

🔹 Price: £39.99 + £6.16 postage.

Pair sale: • 2.5 gram silver bullion • 0.1 gram 24ct gold bullion.

Emirates Silver bullion bar 2.5 grams & PIM gold 0.1 gram. Both come encapsulated with assays signatures of authenticity & the bullion specifications. Mint condition. Great way to start investing in metals. This is a small investment.

🔹 Price: £19.99 + £3.08 postage.

Hallmarked 9ct Gold Masonic mans ring (square & compass). 

9ct Gold Masonic ring (square & compass. Man ring size in measurements: "U". Weight: 2.8 grams. Hallmarked 375. Comes in a ring box.

🔹 Price: £64.99 + £6.16 postage.

8.40ct Natural Colombian Emerald. Emerald Cut Certified Loose Gemstone

 •Natural Colombian Emerald, Emerald Cut Certified Loose Gemstone.

SHAPE : Emerald.

COLOUR : Green.

QUANTITY : 1 piece.

WEIGHT : 8.40 Carat (approx).

SIZE : x x (approx).

Origin : Columbian.

🔹 Price: 19.99 + 3.08 

8.30Ct Natural Columbian Emerald, Trillion Cut Certified Loose Gemstone.

 •Natural Columbian Emerald, Trillion Cut Certified Loose Gemstone.

SHAPE : Trillion.

COLOR : Green.

QUANTITY : 1 piece.

WEIGHT : 8.30 Carat (approx).

SIZE : 13.8mm x 13.8mm x 7.9mm. (approx).

Origin : Colombia.

🔹 Price: 19.99 + 3.08 Postage.

•1ct laboratory produced Moissanite gemstone with GRA Certificate of authenticity.

Cut Grade: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent

Clarity: VVS1

Hardness: 9.3

Refractive index:2.65-2.69

Guarantee: Life Time Brilliance

Durability: Tougher Than Diamond, Impervious to Heat & Chemicals.

With unique characteristic, moissanite is different from diamond. Their chemical components are different, although they look similar from appearance. The natural diamond is C and moissanite is SiC.

Moissanites are not artificial diamond, which is more shining and beautiful than synthetic diamond. Synthetic diamond can be produced in large quantity but moissanite can not. That is why GRA moissanites is valuable than synthetic diamond. GRA moissanites are not machine cut but hand cut pieces by quality artwork, having so finest brilliance and fiery look as a collectors. One of the finest quality loose moissanite in the world, GRA use the best cutting and polishing at their facilities.

Each stone is Lazer engraved with a unique number that corresponds to the GRA report. 

🔹 Price 29.99 + Postage

CVD Diamond, 1.15ct, VVS1 (Fancy Champagne).

CVD diamonds are human-made diamonds, but are identical to natural diamonds and are 100% authentic diamonds produced with specialised laboratory equipment by expert gemmologists (see below for more information).

This Diamond comes with a certificate number that can be verified at:

• Cert No. B79721

• Weight: 1.15 ct.

• Measurements: 5×4×4 mm.

• Shape & Cut: Rough.

• Colour Grade: O-P (Fancy Champagne).

• Clarity: VVS1.

🔹Price 29.99 + Postage costs.

•The Moissanite & CVD Diamond both passed Diamond testing probes & are confirmed as genuine precious gemstones. Established independent Jewellers will also confirm these as genuine.

•The Moissanite & CVD Diamond both passed Diamond testing probes & are confirmed as genuine precious gemstones. Established independent Jewellers will also confirm these as genuine.

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