Repros, Retros, Vintage & Collectables.

Repros, Retros, Vintage & Collectables.

Items of exchange.

Gemstone Selection.

Loose Gemstone Africa Garnet.  

Unheated, 4.90 Ct Natural Garnet Rhodolite, Oval Cut, Slightly included. Originates from South Africa. No gemstone treatment. Perfect size for a pendent mount or for other jewellery pieces.

🔹Price: £14.99 + £3.08 Postage.

•1.89 Ct Natural Emerald Cut Top Green Zambia Untreated Emerald Good Quality

• Gemstone Name: NATURAL EMERALD.

• Total Carat Weight: 1.89 Carat.

• Size : 7.46 x 6.90 x 4.07 MM.

•Shape : Emerald.

• Colour: Green with a bluish tinge.

• Origin : Zambia.

• Treatment: Untreated

Hardness: 7.5-8 Moh's Scale.

🔹 Price: £34.99 + £3.08 Postage.

Raw rough Diamond 6.99tcw, white natural irregular shape.

• White natural irregular shape raw rough diamond 6.99tcw. Natural irregular shape, polygon. Originates from Africa. No cut or polish. Hardness 10 (Mohs scale). No treatment. Grey, white & mixed colour. Included (I.3). 

🔹Price: £49.99 + £3.08 Postage.



•1.0ct 6.5mm D Color Round VVS1 Loose Moissanite Stone With Certificate GRA.

Cut Grade: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent

Clarity: VVS1

Hardness: 9.3

Refractive index:2.65-2.69

Guarantee: Life Time Brilliance

Durability: Nearly as Tough Than Diamond, Impervious to Heat & Chemicals.

• With unique characteristic, moissanite is different from diamond. Their chemical components are different, although they look similar from appearance. The natural diamond is C and moissanite is SiC.

• Moissanites are not artificial diamond, which is more shining and beautiful than synthetic diamond. Synthetic diamond can be produced in large quantity but moissanite can not. That is why GRA moissanites is valuable than synthetic diamond. GRA moissanites are not machine cut but hand cut pieces by quality artwork, having so finest brilliance and fiery look as a collectors. One of the finest quality loose moissanite in the world, GRA use the best cutting and polishing at their facilities.

• Each stone is Lazer engraved with a unique number that corresponds to the GRA report. 

• This stone is a far cheaper, more economically friendly & is visually the same as a diamond. This stone would be a perfect alternative to a diamond mounted into an engagement ring or a pendent. The size also matches that of a 1ct Diamond.

🔹 Price £29.99 + £3.08 Postage.

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