Repros, Retros, Vintage & Collectables.

Repros, Retros, Vintage & Collectables.

Items of exchange.

• Vintage Meccano Dinky toys & "00" Gauge, Tri-ang Track & accessories only.

• Vintage (Original) Dinky Toys.

These collectible Dinky items are perfect for vintage toy enthusiasts or anyone looking to add an iconic piece of history to their collection. Perhaps these could be used for for spares / repair & are often bought as *code 3, restoration projects. These items are in reasonable condition for their age & tend to be play worn. I can provide more photos if needed. All these items come unboxed.

*A code 3 item is a model modified & restored by a third party without the consent or knowledge of the original manufacturer. This usually consists of a repair, fresh painting, repro boxes & new tyres. Items needed for a code 3 restoration can easily be bought on eBay or from model toy shops. Code 3 items are generally reproduced by amateur modelers or toy dealers, and are usually finished to an equal or higher quality than the standard release.


Dinky Supertoys Blaw Knox Bulldozer no.561 - Circa 1949.

• Vintage Dinky Supertoys "Blaw Knox Bulldozer". Made in England by Meccano, 1949. Condition: Bulldozer in fair / poor original condition showing signs of playwear (Restoration Project). No tracks & the leaver is slit with some light surface rust. Unpacked weight: 380g (Large toy). This collectible item is perfect for vintage toy enthusiasts or anyone looking to add an iconic piece to their collection.

🔹 Price: £14.99 + £6.16 postage.

• Dinky Toys Motocart No.27G/342 - Circa 1949/54.

Dinky Toys Motocart No 27G Made in England By Meccano Ltd. Quirky little single cylinder trike cart used in farming and horticulture. This item is complete and functional. Motocart with driver in totally original condition and not messed around with. Scale 1:43. Condition is good with some minor chips. Circa 1949/54. Cheap addition to any collection which will display nicely.

🔹 Price: £19.99 + £6.16 postage.

• Vintage Dinky Coventry Climax Fork Lift Nos 14C/401 - circa 1950's.

Vintage Dinky Toy "Coventry Climax Fork Lift Truck" made by Meccano Ltd. The truck is in a played in condition. The truck is approx 4.25 inches long and approx 1.75 wide. As can be seen in the photos the paint is worn on the fork lift. There's surface rust to the base (as shown) which is easy to treat. This model is one of Dinky’s most popular mechanical pieces. Inevitably the string was broken & it’s been a job and a half for me to put a new one on! I have fitted this one with new good quality cord and rust treated the inner mechanism. So now it works beautifully off the winder on the side. The driver is original. Not many of these around that actually work. 

🔹 Price £7.49 + £6.16 postage.

Pair • Dinky Toys B E V Truck no.14a - circa 1948/54. • Dinky 25G trailer, Green - Circa 1951/54.

• Dinky 14a BEV Truck (1948-54). Good totally origional condition, this is the early version with Blue body & hubs, Fawn driver figure and steel hook.

•  Dinky 25G trailer, Green. Made in England (Meccano Ltd). Circa-1951/54. Structurally in good condition, a little wear to the tyres. Painting is in good/play worn condition with some paint loss (please see pictures). This is the revised post-war version with coloured hubs, domed axle ends and wire draw bar, tin hook.

🔹 Price: £14.99 + £6.16 postage.

 Dinky H.W.M. 23J racing car - 1953/54.

Dinky Toys No.23J (1953/54) H.W.M.(Hersham & Walton Motors) Racing Car was released 1953 and renumbered in 1954 so this particular car, marked 23J on the base, dates from that short period & is relatively rare.

This model is in age appropriate condition with some minimal paint wear. All wheels function, but I've replaced the front two.

🔹 Price: £12.49 + £6.16 Postage

•  Vintage Dinky Toys 25H Streamlined Fire Engine Red - Circa 1946/54.

• Vintage Dinky Toys 25H Streamlined Fire Engine, Red. This popular model was produced as 25h from 1936 to 1954, when it was renumbered to 250. It then continued being produced as number 250 up until until 1962, a total run of around twenty-five years. The model advertised was produced from 1946 to 1954. This item comes in play worn but good condition, missing the bell. Please see images for condition.

🔹 Price: £9.99 + £6.16 Postage.

• Vintage Dinky Toy 29C AEC Regent Double Deck Bus - Circa 1940/50's

Vintage 1940s Dinky Toy 29C AEC Regent Double Deck Bus. Original Red with original Cream top. Based on 1948 AEC Regent III. This is the 2nd Dinky AEC casting with 29C cast into its base, a strengthening bar between the rear wheels, a more detailed radiator grille, straight front mudguards and rear wheel arches cast into the body rather than the chassis. It was issued 1949-1951 with pinched axle ends, then 1951-1954 with riveted axle ends. Fairly good, mildly playworn condition, most paint chips to edges of the roof. 

🔹 Price: £9.99 + £6.16 Postage.

• Dinky Toys No:30v N.C.B Electric Van - "Express Dairy" - Original Circa- 1949-54.

Dinky Toys No:30v N.C.B Electric Van - Express Dairy - Original 1949-54. Nice Dinky model in good light play worn condition for age, does have some paint loss all over, mainly on the edges, for easy restoration or code 3. One wheel is slightly damaged & the back axle is slightly bent. Still in a collectable condition.

🔹 Price: £7.49 + £6.16 Postage.


Tri-ang "00" Gauge (Track & accessories only)

• Wanting a new hobby? Considered Tri-ang trains? 

This section I'll be presenting you with good quality, boxed & unboxed, track & other accessories for Vintage Tri-ang "00"  gauge railway model equipment. This could be a good starting place for someone wanting to start a "00" gauge vintage railway set (other essential parts & carriages to achieve this can easily be bought on ebay). Or maybe you already have a "00" set but are wanting to expand or you might just need some new parts. Well, if you do I might be able to help. Look below & contact me should this be of interest.


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