Repros, Retros, Vintage & Collectables.

Repros, Retros, Vintage & Collectables.

Items of exchange.

Original & Vintage Dinky toys.

• Dinky, Meccano no.370 - circa 1954-65

Price: £19.99 + £6.16 postage.

Price: £19.99 + £6.16 postage.

  • Dinky, Meccano "Armoured car" no.670. Original vintage model with rotating turret and cast hubs, circa 1954 to 1965. Weight 95g. Length 70mm. Width 41mm. Comes with a reproduction box. Highly sought after in this unusually high quality. Rarely used, a very good example.

🔹 Price: £24.99 + £6.16 postage.

• Dinky, Meccano No.492 - circa 1954 to 1957.

• Dinky, Meccano No.492 "Loudspeaker Van". Weight - 70g. Circa 1954 to 1957. No base plate or windows as per many early Dinky diecasts. Lightly play worn good condition. Comes in a reproduction box.

🔹 Price: £14.99 + £6.16 postage.

Dinky Meccano No.492

Dinky Meccano No.492 "Loudspeaker Van".

• Pair: one Dinky, Matchbox "Austin A40" van & a Dinky, Atlas "Bedford 10 cwt" van.

 • Pair Sale: Dinky, Matchbox "Austin A40" van. 1990. comes unboxed, but good condition. Dinky, Atlas "Bedford 10 cwt" van. Boxed, like new. Both scale at 1:43.

🔹 Price: £14.99 ono + £6.16 postage.

• Dinky, Matchbox No.DY23 - circa 1993-98

• Dinky, Matchbox no.dy-10 "Mercedes-Benz", 1950's style German conference bus. Firm diecast base plate Scale 1/50. Made in 1989. No box. Excellent condition.

🔹 Price: £9.99 + £6.16 postage.

• Dinky, DeAgostini  no.532 "Lincoln Premiere".

• Dinky, DeAgostini, Lincoln "Premiere" no.532. Scale 1:48. Puperb retro remake. Mint/Boxed.

🔹 Price £14.99 + £6.16.

• Dinky, DeAgostini "Ford Zephyr Saloon".

• Dinky, Norev DeAgostini "Ford Zephyr Saloon" No.162. Scale 1:43. Opened but unused. MINT, like new.

🔹 Price: £14.99 + £6.16 postage.

  • Dinky, DeAgostini "4l Renault".

• Dinky, Norev DeAgostini "4l Renault" No.518. Scale 1:43. Brown version. Front wheel suspension & finger wheel drive. Opened but unused. MINT, like new.

🔹 Price: £9.99 + £6.16 postage.

• Dinky, Meccano original & repro Atlas edition no.111, model "Triumph TR2 Sports" cars.

• Dinky Meccano no.111. The original model "Triumph TR2 Sports" car. The top car. (Color/Variation Turquoise/Red. Produced 1956 to 1959, Weight 65g. Good play worn condition with its original box (missing piece of card, see images). Original glass in one piece , but missing original transfers (stickers). Good condition for its age.

• Plus two Atlas Dinky reproduction model "Triumph TR2 Sports" Blue & pink, no25 111, New boxed.

🔹Price £44.99 + £6.16 postage

• Dinky, DeAgostini "Fiat 600 D".

 •Dinky, Norev DeAgostini "Fiat 600 D" No.520 - White. Scale 1:43. Fingertip Steering & 4-Wheel suspension. Come sealed & unopened. Brand new.

🔹 Price: £7.99 + £6.16 postage

• Dinky, DeAgostini, no.197 "Morris Mini-Traveller.

• Dinky, no.197  DeAgostini retro repro "Morris Mini-Traveller. Special features:Fingertip Steering & 4-Wheel Suspension. Comes in a sealed unopened box. Brand new, MINT condition.

🔹 Prices: £4.99 + postage.


• 12pc Set - Road Signs (593) Atlas reproduced Dinky. As new.

🔹 Price: £9.99 + £6.1.6 Postage.


• Dinky enamel collector's pin badges.

• Dinky toys, Atlas Edition Enamel Metal Collectors Pin Badge.

🔹 Price: £3.49 each - £3.08 postage.


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