Repros, Retros, Vintage & Collectables.

Repros, Retros, Vintage & Collectables.


Vintage & Retro Original Corgi & Matchbox models.

• Corgi, the original "MGC GT" from circa 1969.

• Corgi classic original "MGC GT" from circa 1969. Scale 1:43. Overall its very nice for the year. The suspension intact. The wheels and axles are all straight and rotate freely & the glass is all intact - the doors operate perfectly - underneath its superb and in fairness it displays very well indeed. Comes in a reproduction box.

🔹 Price £34.99 + £6.16 postage.

• Corgi , the original no.422  "Bedford 12 cwt van"- circa 1960-63.

• Corgi, no.422 "Bedford 12 cwt van". Original, produced between 1960 to 1963. Blue roof with smooth hubs. Very good condition for its age, but some very light surface rust to the base plate which has been treated. This is highly sought after Corgi collectors model. Comes with a quality reproduction box.

🔹 Price: £34.99 + £6.16 Postage.

• Pair sale: Corgi VW van Type 2, 1992 & a Corgi VW Morris Minor - circa 1980/90s.

 • Corgi Pair Sale: "VW van Type 2" Corgi Collectors Club 1992. Corgi "VW Morris Minor" 1980's. Both a scale of 1:43, both unboxed, both in excellent condition

🔹 Price: £12.49 + £6.16 Postage.

• Pair Sale: Corgi "Zodiac Mk2" + Corgi "Saab 96" - circa 1980/90's

 • Corgi Pair Sale: "Zodiac Mk2" burgundy over grey. Corgi classic cars collector series no:D709. Made in Gt Britian. Corgi, "Saab 96" Maroon. Corgi classic cars collector series no.D711. Both come unboxed. Scale1:43 & in very good condition.

🔹 Price: £12.49 + £6.16 postage.

• Pair Sale: Corgi no.279 "Rolls Royce Corniche" + Corgi no.418 "Austin London Taxi" Rare Edition - Circa 80'.

Pair Sale: • Corgi, no.279 "Rolls Royce Corniche". Opening bonnets & doors. Metallic Red. • Corgi no.418 "Austin London Taxi". Rarer yellow colour. Both of these diecasts are at a larger 1/36 Scale & have die-cast base plates. Made in Gt Britain. Good condition minor scratches to base of Taxi. Rarer yellow Corgi collectors edition.

🔹 Price: £19.99 + £6.16 postage

• Pair Sale: Corgi no.801 + Corgi no.825/1 - circa 1980's

• Pair Sale: Corgi "Ford Thunderbird cream with red stripe" no.801 l, Scale1:36. Corgi "Chevrolet Bel Air 1957" Black/White Model no. 825/1 - Produced 1980's. Scale 1:36. Both unboxed & in very good condition.

🔹 Price: £19.99 + £6.16 Postage.

• Pair: Corgi "Morris J Type" blue delivery van. Corgi "Morris Minor" postal van. 

 Pair: • Corgi "Morris J Type" blue delivery van. • Corgi "Morris Minor" postal van. Both Scale at 1:43. Die-cast base. Made in China. Good condition. Unboxed

🔹 Price: £9.99 + £6.16 postage.

Pair Sale: • Corgi Toys No.226 "Morris Mini Minor (original) • Dinky Matchbox "Austin Mini Cooper".

• Corgi Toys No.226 "Morris Mini Minor, De Luxe, Wickerwork" Car (1960-68). This model has 'open' axles & flat spun wheels & suspension. The model is near mint original condition and it has some light age related chips. This hard to find Corgi is a true collectors model. Come with a repro box.

• Dinky Matchbox "1964 Austin Mini Cooper" 'S' DY21. White-Black Diecast Model Car with original decals. Good condition. No box. Both at a 1:43 scale. 

🔹 Price: £29.99 + £6.16 postage.

🔹 Original 60's Corgi.

🔹 Original 60's Corgi.

• Corgi "Ford Escort, 1.3 GL" - Circa 1980's.

 • Corgi "Ford Escort, 1.3 GL". Scale 1:36. Made in Gt Britain. Opening doors & die-cast base. Circa - 1980's. Good condition.

🔹 Price: £9.99 + £6.16 postage.

• Lesney, Matchbox "Pepsi truck" - circa 1979  

 • Lesney, Matchbox - "Super king k40 Ford "D" Series, Pepsi truck with curtain side". Large model. Produced in 1979. Made in the UK. Good condition, no damage. Comes Unboxed.

🔹 Price: £9.99 + £6.16 postage.

Matchbox Retro, TT Special Edition, made in 1990.

• Matchbox "Limited edition, Model A Ford". Special collectors model, no.MB38. TT Isle of Man. Original, slightly worn box.

🔹 Price: £9.99 + £6.16 postage.

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